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Child Ball

A little on the pricey side..... But I mean, if you want to get rid of your kids that badly.... Money is no object.


by yak

submitted October 16th 2006

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Babysitting? More like death trap! Hey jimmy! Lets go pop billys air ball when he is in the middle of the river! Good idea!
12 years ago
With that small enclosed area requiring a good seal to prevent water entering and all that physical exertion, how long do you reckon the oxygen supply in there lasts for?
12 years ago
^Was thinking the same thing.

I'd love to have a go of the one where you get strapped inside the ball and its thrown down a hill.
12 years ago
@cotb: an hour or two maybe? i dunno, it's a lot of air in that ball. i guess about 2000 L of air. you can survive a long time with that, especially a little kid like that.
12 years ago
^make that a half hour/hour.
12 years ago
In that case I guess your best bet wrongful death of a child would still have to be leaving them locked in your car for days on end in a casino carpark, preferably in the sun.
12 years ago
I don't like the idea of being w/o air
12 years ago
The hilarious part is when the parents get caught up or arrive late... to a dead baby in a ball. That'll teach 'em!
12 years ago
hmm, if treads were put on the out side that could "grip" water, and a surface you could still see through but gave grip to your hands and feet on the inside, you might just have your next extreme sport...on water anyways, mabey if you used it to go down some river rapids or somthing

(yes I'm aware they already have somthing similar for land as was mentoined above)
12 years ago
hell yeah.. sign me up! throw a hot asian chick in there with me though and let me float off.
12 years ago
<--- wants an ipod playing that very song during participation.
12 years ago
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