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Horsecution for a race

Wait for it!


by Jones

submitted November 10th 2017

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stupid a-rabs
1 week ago
Another one of your stupid racial stereotypes.
1 week ago
and another one of you dumbass button bashings.
god it makes you look retarded
1 week ago
Not nearly as retarded as you assuming they’re arabs.
1 week ago
It’s amazing how pissed off I can make you with just a click of a button. You really seem to be the only one that cares about it.
1 week ago
it shows how much you think you have power over people. drink makes me see how much of faggot people are when they use that button. so really its alcohol that to blame and not your psychopathy.
a clear sign of psychopathy is how much they 'think' they affect those around them
1 week ago
Blah fucking blah. Nice rage paragraph, you fucking drunk turd.
1 week ago
The only thing drink does is turn you into a spammy asshole that whines too fucking much.
1 week ago
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