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Another Army 'Copter Crash

This one goes down in pretty spectacular fashion..


by yak

submitted October 14th 2006

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So did you hear that they changed to slogan again, now its "Army strong." As opposed to AN Army of one, or before that, be all you can be. So my friend in Japan is Being all he can be in a army strong of one.

Meh.. was worth a try.. Just doesn't have a umpf that a good punchline does... oh well.
12 years ago
Your friend is stationed at Camp Zama, Japan. That's logistical support, just about as far from anything dangerous as you can be.


The Be All You Can Be lasted for 20 years, the Army's most popular slogan. Army of One kinda fizzled. US Army is going to spend 200 million on its ad campaign. 200 million, that's half of one air farce plane.
12 years ago
I'm just trying to cope with the shock of Christopher Walken posting on Muchosucko
12 years ago
If I were in that copter, I would have shit.
12 years ago
@DayoftheDante: i know what you mean.
@ChristopherWalken: where the hell did you suddenly come from?
12 years ago
he was in my closet.
12 years ago
^for that long? what did you do to him?
12 years ago
Iv seen this vid alot....and i just noticed the guy bailing out.....i dont think it was very good for him
12 years ago
That's what happens when the army lowers their standards to the point where you don't have to be a high school graduate to pilot a $200 million helicopter.

12 years ago
Which country was that? It was a Puma helicopter, but I couldn't make out the colours on the roundels - Italy?
12 years ago
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