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Trampled By Cows Ceremony

Video emerged from an Indian city shows dozen of male devotees voluntarily getting trampled by stampeding cows and bulls in an attempt of pleasing Holy Cow for prosperity and good luck. People in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh in central India, lie down on their chest to mark Ekadeshi, an auspicious day after the Hindu festival of Diwali. Despite knowing the dangers involved, hundreds of men travel all the way to the city to take part in the century-old ritual every year as cattle is let loose to storm through the tiny lanes of the city. The cows and bulls are decorated with colours, garlands and henna before the risky ritual.


by Jones

submitted October 24th 2017

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3 weeks ago
Smelliest festival ever.
3 weeks ago
Punky was there for the drums!!!!
3 weeks ago
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Thank you! Huff again!
3 weeks ago
Just thinnin the herd of 7 dumb shits
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