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Jackass 2 - The Firehose Rodeo

This looks somewhat fun :(


by yak

submitted October 12th 2006

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that was funny as crap... if u havent seen the new one u should i laughed so hard i had tears in my eyes
12 years ago
in the umm...version i saw.... that whole skit was cut out, looks funny.
12 years ago
stop posting clips... the movie is way funnier cuz its non-stop crazy shit. watching one at a time does little.
12 years ago
Ey I watched this movie in theaters, but I was woundering whoever saw it also, did anyone see the part of were they try to pull don vito's tooth out using a car? Cause I didn't see it in the movie but over all it ruled.
12 years ago
I laughed so hard at that movie I cried, then I had no tears about 15 mins into it, just friggin great.
12 years ago
lol i've always wanted to do that.
12 years ago
This wasnt in the movie I saw. I feel cheated :(
12 years ago
I saw it in the theatre and it had this scene. Also, the terrorist scene had me in tears.
12 years ago
this movie fucking rocked.
12 years ago
Yes, they had alot of scenes cut out of the film (including the pulling of Don Vito's tooth). That's the reason we have DVDs for. Deleted scenes & extras! ... btw, that JA2 was fucking great. My cheeks were hurting after I came out of the theater because of smiling and laughing so hard...
12 years ago
@Smatchy, yeh I downloaded that version too, shit quality though, i'll have to go see it at the cinema when it's out in the uk
12 years ago
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