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Pretty cool stop motion Coinstar commercial.


by yak

submitted October 12th 2006

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ay've alwasys luved stop-motion animation like that! kewl!
12 years ago
Shut up.
12 years ago
Splurge? Yeah, while they splurge on nearly 10% of your total deposit (8.9c/$1 USD and 9.8c/$1 CAD ).
12 years ago
lmao fuck coin star they screw u over.
12 years ago
Just keep all your quarters and cash in the other coins and its not a bad deal. They charge you sure, but you arent going to roll up all your coins and spend them, admit it.
12 years ago
^you got a point there
12 years ago
i need a job
12 years ago
$2 bucks for evey Twenty..
12 years ago
Its 8%

Its still a rip but as Loki said, save your quarters.


Most grocery stores that these are in allow you to get a cash voucher at the customer service desk. When you get that voucher it doesn't take any fee out. I did this with a jar of coins and got myself a nice 50 dollars that I wouldn't have spent otherwise because ITS FUCKING CHANGE THAT IS JUST FUCKING LYING ABOUT. IT COULD BE FLYING ABOUT IF IT WAS CHANGE ON A PLANE YOU MOTHERFUCKERS.
12 years ago
The bank does it 4 frEE
12 years ago
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