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the death (ha HA) of ethnic humor in real time...

...at least those slimy long-necked danes are still fair game though thank vishnu


by possum

submitted October 5th 2017

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funny how bill marred plays along like "yeah fuck those mooslimes" but the people john cleese is referring to in universities are bill's little doppelgangers..political correctness was born out of pants- pissing liberal cuntrag feminist turds
2 months ago
Nice comment spree bro.
Yeah you know its bad when even Seinfeld don't wanna do colleges because students get offended. The most vanilla comedian ever.

Teapots, What's the DEAL (waves arms) with Teapots? All little and stout, LOLOLOL.
2 months ago
always crack me up Bdog
2 months ago
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