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Cat Bowl

Its kind of like that bonzai kitten, except real... Kind of freaky if you ask me..


by yak

submitted October 12th 2006

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this is why i fear "losing" my cat ANYwhere in my apt.....
12 years ago
thats crazy
12 years ago
But pirate, how can you keep track of your 14 cats?
12 years ago
HAHA! silly pussy=]
12 years ago
Wait.... bonsaikitten isn't real?!?!?!
12 years ago
when i had cats one of them disappeared for a week.... thought it got outside and ran away.... looked EVERYWHERE in the apartment.... after about a week every once in awhile i'd hear this 'fsssssssss' coming from the fridge, i thought it was breaking or the element was leaking or something.... so pulled the fridge from the wall and it all looked normal until i went under the fridge and all the way up this little passageway was the cat jammed up there... no fucking clue how it got there but it was covered in grime and sitting there ;/
12 years ago
^lol i bet you that cat hasn't learned a thing from it!
12 years ago
12 years ago
That was sort of like watching one of those contortonists squeeze into a small box. Well, for some reason, I was expecting to see someone hurl a cat down a bowling alley and knock some pins down.... wah, I want to see some REAL cat bowling!!!
12 years ago
oh shit, yak's comment got me laughing hard as hell...wonder how that cat lived for a week
12 years ago
^Cats are incredibly resilient. Easily capable of going days with little or no food or water. It's a wonder it didn't electrocute or smother itself up there, though.
12 years ago
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