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Night of the dancing fags


by Jones

submitted September 26th 2017

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AKA why Fries wants to get a car
4 weeks ago
fuck you , I can do this from my moped too
4 weeks ago
I hope you get herpes from sitting on a toilet seat you fat fuck. Because theres no way you'll ever have the opportunity of getting it from having sex.
4 weeks ago
*with jones and mako
4 weeks ago
It's virtually impossible to catch herpes from a toilet seat.
4 weeks ago
*from jones, fries, and me
4 weeks ago
*because all three haven't been laid in years
4 weeks ago
Don't worry, it will happen soon for you, mako.... just be patient. I'm sure you'll meet a special guy one of these days....
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
Ouch. You just got boomeranged, sir.
4 weeks ago
I meet plenty of "special" people, Nix. Like you, for example.
4 weeks ago
Special needs.....
4 weeks ago
the english invented faggotry..fries is the enrico fermi of gobbling on dong
4 weeks ago
Seen it before
3 weeks ago
^...in many many ways shapes and forms
3 weeks ago
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