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The Ultimate Carwash

$5000 carwash? A true sign you are a MORON.


by yak

submitted October 11th 2006

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This must be what happens when people have more money than imagination. There HAVE to be better ways to spend five grand. (I can think of many)
12 years ago
I think the fact the owner purchased an MC12 means he isn't a complete moron.

Would have been my ultimate car of choice until perhaps a few days ago.
12 years ago
Do you really think that expense wax is really thaaaat better than the best of the regular priced stuff? NO!
12 years ago
I agree..^
12 years ago
Some people just don't understand having the money and spending it, mostly the people that don't have it.

I'd like a personal bird-shit wiper myself.
12 years ago
5 grand, he better come and wipe my shit wherever im at
12 years ago
i got a nigger that cleans mine for a forty once and a $20 rock.

estimated price = $23.26. to clean the tires he just squeezes the dark and lovely from his afro and applies.
12 years ago
what a cool fucking business. I am fucking off to do some research.....
12 years ago
Thats exactly how I clean my '92 Grimlen. Sweet.
12 years ago
almost all car waxes contain carnuba wax(except the really cheap ones, their more or less just fine cutting paste), Its tha stuff that makes rainwater form into small droplets when it hits the cars paint work. I've never heard of using pure carnuba wax on a car though, must be a nightmare to polish off after application.
12 years ago
wow, thats shi he just bought from autozone or somethin, sosmeone should sneak in some paint thinner into his bucket as a prank
12 years ago
a 61 step car wash??? this nigga gets the dee dee dee award
12 years ago
you'd be a moron to PAY that much to have your car washed.
you'd be a GENIOUS to BE PAID that much To Wash a car!
that depends on which side of the cash register, yer standing on!
12 years ago
The price of an oil change on an Enzo Ferrari cost about 1500. Brake pads cost about 6 grand...A used Enzo is still about a million. So if you got that kind of money, what's 5 grand for a car wash?
12 years ago
nucking futs'
12 years ago
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