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Welcome To Your New Home, Fluffy!

Those are called "stairs"!


by ClaudeBallz

submitted September 20th 2017

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dogs like this need to given a close-range head-shot
1 month ago
nobody will even notice
1 month ago
1 month ago
bullet is too good for possum... shovel over the head is enough
1 month ago
sorry... 'a possum'
1 month ago
* NixonsGhost hits possum over the head with shovel *
1 month ago
Dog-hater, we got a dog hater over here!
1 month ago
...just as stupid as poss...
The vid I mean
1 month ago
Hey poss; you shouldn`t be that hard on that dog...
How it was for u beeing transfered from "under the bridge" to a warm house, huh?
1 month ago
could you get puma to re-translate the above?
1 month ago
...got a point though!
4 weeks ago
I wonder if dogs can be retarded.
1 month ago
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