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Road Surfing



by yak

submitted October 10th 2006

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11 years ago
Ooh Wee.

That was awesome!
11 years ago
Hahah, yeah! Everytime I see one of these videos, man, my balls tighten up and I get the winces bad!
11 years ago
Unfortunately, these videos are proof that natural selection indeed does NOT work.
11 years ago
Seriously, when people come up with ideas like this, do they just eliminate the notion that something BAD might happen? Like they live in a parallel dimension where nothing can possibly go wrong?
11 years ago
OOOOOH WEEEEE is right!!!!! fuck that was intense!!^^^AGREED!^^^
that was one of the greatest wipeout/onlooker reaction combos out there!! if you have something beter,PLEEEEZ post. lol
and b4 you even get a chance to say anything, FUCK YOU JOHNNYCHO!!!
11 years ago
its shit like that, that got jackass kicked of tv
but still funny as fuck
11 years ago
11 years ago
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