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drunk wife making grilled cheeses

stop laughing at "the cheese"


by possum

submitted September 7th 2017

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Take her drunk, she's home.
10 months ago
Wifey is hot. His laugh says cuck though.
10 months ago
that's why she was cheating on him with Tony, MD. 8P
Please listen to my evidence, Dragon!

10 months ago
change the record punky. And I do mean figuratively.
10 months ago


10 months ago

Your head's like a haunted house
A trutti frutti written over the caption
A misdiagnosis with-a the most-est
Cue the evil smile
Desperation can led to madness
De-de-degradation is a must
The A-B-Cs of leprosy
Need a hand take mine
We're supreme, sublime
Fake apologize
Fucks in short supply
Too late, too sick, too young
Catgut-like reflex of the tongue
Say 'ahh', say what
Say 'man, don't even think about it'
Push the pesticide
Xana-dos and xana-don'ts
Let you mock and then copulate me
a dirty trick and it's making me sick (Urgh!)
I'm fine
Laughter is my friend
We're supreme, sublime
G-g-g-goddamn cry
I'm gonna put up a fight
I'm gonna get a reaction that I'm right
From the day
Slap my dick in his face
I demand satisfaction
For the night
To trick them all because of which is why I'm ashamed
Petty disguises more like skins, a distinction, vice
Drink the kool-aid
And swallow the pills
Say that you don't
And you won't but you will
Your head's like a haunted house
Peepin' at your mumbo jumbo
I'm a psycho, go bump in the night
Make my cereal so superior
And in a race for second place
Circumstances in my pants
Is calling for action
Girl, I'll blow your mind
When you with your man
We're supreme, sublime
You know I polarize
10 months ago
stfu retard
10 months ago
can you start a sentence with "AND"? Anyways..

* PunkyBruiser Zekes off into another dimension *

Today is the day
Bewilderness comes to reclaim everything
Burning bridge lights up the sky
Zip your lip until you've picked a side

You get right up and sit back down
A revolution is one spin round
You get back up and sit right down
A revolution is one spin round

All for one, all for naught
Perish baby, perish the thought
Beat the kids to the punch
You've got heart, I'll have it for lunch

You get right up, sit back down
A revolution is one spin 'round
You get back up, sit right down
Dizzy, dizzy, dizzy, we all fall down

Tell me, where's the goddamn gold?

Pretty pets once were wild
Domesticated, love slave, give us a smile
You got a number, is it the same?
Who you belong to?
You feral or tame? (Probably tame)

Tell us where you keep the gold (Or what?)
We wanna help you rule the world (I think not)
We won't tell a single soul (So they all say)
So tell us, where's the goddamn gold?

I'll tell you where the gold is
It's in the ground
You wonder where's the reason?
It's in the lost and found

I'll tell you where the gold is
It's in the ground
You wonder where's the freedom?
In the lost and found
Still not found

I'll tell you where the gold is
It's all mine (mine)

10 months ago
damn it!! Comment Failz!!!
10 months ago
jesus fuck you are dumb
10 months ago
wtf is she wearing
10 months ago
too much. Wayyy too much.
10 months ago
didn't think she was fat enough for you matey
10 months ago
The fat's all in the tits :D
10 months ago
If she were my wife, she wouldn't have made it to the kitchen without getting rabbit fucked.
10 months ago
also.....nice titties
10 months ago
^ fucks rabbits
10 months ago
mmm, welsh rarebit....
10 months ago
semi-drunk wifeys are highly underrated
10 months ago
specially if you add in the skim-milk factor
10 months ago
That's some low-boiling resentment she's got for that sissy. She'll divorce him within 2 years.
10 months ago
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