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Family Guy - Evolution According to Peter

Probably not too far off actually...


by yak

submitted October 9th 2006

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First Comment. I rule.
12 years ago
One of my dormmates was a return Mormon missionary and that sucked balls, but it would be worst with Gd as a roomate. You couldn't get away with anything.
12 years ago
haha i love it how they make fun of the church!!!
12 years ago
No offence americans, but really, if you believe in that piece of shit called "intellegent design" you guys must be dumb.
How can you even try to explain life by saying that "god" created ONE man and ONE woman, and yet you dont get any incest..? I mean, cmon.
12 years ago
^we didn't evolve from fucking monkeys, you dumbass! we only have the same ancestors, way back in time.
"Like what if we didn't have steel, or trees, or food to eat." if we didn't have steel? steel is an alloy, it's not found that way. if you mean iron, well we wouldn't really need it if we never had it before, how can you miss what you never have had? and there are plenty of other kinds of metal ore found on earth. think of bronze, copper etc. If there weren't any trees we wouldn't have evolved like this, we probably wouldn't exist at all. the same counts for food.
"How human beings are perfectly designed as well as many other animals." yeah.. it's called evolution, survival of the fittest etc.

PS: why do you say "as well as many other animals" what animal is not perfectly designed for it's environment?

PPS:you're a retard, JOHNNYCHO.
you say "All religions are stupid." but you also say "Personally I think there is a god, stuff just seems to fall inot place to easily."
but you have the same in common with all of those "stupid religions", which is that you believe in some 'higher force'.

you stupid piece of shit.
12 years ago

I'm not dissagreeing with you for i am very science based in my opinions but, the thing that perplexes me is, where did it start?

evolution- makes sense

big bang- somewahat believable

so where did that tiny speck of matter with infinite density that explode to create everything that we kno9w of that amazingly fell into place with the perfect conditions for life so that we could create all of these bizarre religions come from?

Even the wackjob ideas that we came from aliens could be rationalized but then where the hell did the aliens come from?

Im not religious im just cu8rios bout where all matter came from an what existed before that

12 years ago
Steel is not a natural resource, you dipshit.
12 years ago
Victorious had that covered... so sorry.
12 years ago
Worship the FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER: may you be touched by his noodley appendage
12 years ago
Botemedlet, that was for you
12 years ago
@jonnycho: u cant say that all religions r stoopid and base ur opinion on an episode of southpark especially the mormon episode.. i suggest u watch it again and pay close attention to the end...

and if u wanna get technical we evlolved from fish...

@unofokal: if u really wanna get perplexed try wrapping ur head around the theory that the universe is inifinite ie. it was always here

and theorize that religions come from ppl trying to find meaning to their existance, trying to put the puzzle of the universe together, trying to find reasons for this and that, trying to put a face to things they dont understand (ex. miracles), especially the reasons to the things they cannot find an answer for like "y r we here" "what started it all".. every human being gets the feeling at on point in their life where they feel small and wonder if there is some sort of omnipotent force out there...
12 years ago
lmfao, i love this clip...and the idea that everything started from one of god's lit farts is one i can embrace
12 years ago
dude you have a gold house too? i thouht it was just ny neighborhood
12 years ago
that's it, i'm going to evilchili.com
12 years ago
I bet jonnycho is the real life version of comic book guy from The Simpsons. "Correction, we evolved from Kripton rock, as it says in Superman Comic #12."
12 years ago
The bible contains verses descriptive or advocating suicide, incest, beastiality, sadomasochism, sexual activity in a violent context, murder, morbid violence, use of drugs or alcohol, homosexuality, voyeurism, revenge, undermining of authority figures, lawlessness, and human right violations and atrocities.

Exposure to the bible for extended periods of time or during formative years in children may cause delusions, hallucinations, decreased cognitive and objective reasoning abilities. and, in extreme cases, pathological disorders, hatred, bigotry, and violence including, but not limited to fanaticism, murder, and genocide.
12 years ago
by show of hands who here has a jesus fish with legs on the back of your car?(hands)
12 years ago
I have no problem with God existing. I just think He created the Universe, messed around but let it run its own course, and stopped giving a damn, leaving us to run ourselves into the ground. Then in the end, He'll show up to tell us what a bunch of Fucktards we are before blowing us up and starting on a new project, like whittling.
12 years ago
It can be said that the collective conscience of members of a religion empower each believer. They may all be misinformed dumb-asses, but they need something to guide their moral decisions. Poseidon/Enki is/was the Man. http://www.mars-earth.com/sitchin.htm
12 years ago
The thing about religion, or Christianity if you want to be specific, is that it provides people with a sense of hope. If you think about, why should anyone live if they don't have hope. Everybody hopes for something whether its getting a better job, getting a new car, or wanting to "stroke each others cocks while fucking pigs" like Jonnycho had said. Religion promises a life after death which provdes hope to millions of people. Everyone will eventually die and without religion there is no point in getting that new car or job if you cannot keep it forever. The thing about evolution that I don't understand is how can all of the diversity in the Earth today, plants, animals, and humans, have evolved from one single organsim. Also, when did humans instantly receive the power of choice and not live by instinct like all the other animals on Earth? "Like whittling," that's classic Prototype
12 years ago
^changes in environment or climate causes new species to form ;)
12 years ago
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