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flight of the navigator (deleted scenes)

awesome 80's movie


by fries-please

submitted August 28th 2017

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not muchoworthyMako
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whats this fucking bullshit ?
7 months ago
how about you start commenting about the content of the subs you angry fart
7 months ago
im all angry'd out at the moment
7 months ago
7 months ago
isn't this the movie that had a sentient chrome spaceship or something?

why are there no deleted scenes of that?
7 months ago
how the fuck should I know... I gave you this video
7 months ago
if you don't even know the movie why would you post 30 year old garbage footage
7 months ago
of course I know what movie its from , I just didn't get footage of the space ship
7 months ago
not asking for much are you faggot
7 months ago
not delivering much are you cocktrap
7 months ago
I was in a pretty serious accident in that exact model of station wagon in 1986. Let's just say, when the car stopped, I could see daylight where my feet were. I only had a glass cut on my right hand. And no, I wasn't driving, nor seat belted.
7 months ago
Sorry, that was the caprice version. I was in the Olds Custom Cruiser version.
7 months ago
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