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The Love of Nixonsghost

May he never betray us

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by Jones

submitted August 27th 2017

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and to think...we couldve had Alice

4 weeks ago
nice list of users online, too bad no sloobys though
4 weeks ago
Do you remember when the h6 gang ddosed mucho during the honeymoon?
4 weeks ago
Give it an hour or two. I'm sure he wont stop until it passes Jerkstore
4 weeks ago
serious @ tr...no they dint, they got yakwhacked within hours (dont make me make you look it up)
also - it was long past the honeymoon i think...we were well into the Jenbirdy/Rags/assface regret era
4 weeks ago
Yup, we didn't get rejects like Sprinkles and Tinkski until well past then - but off course a Todd would remember those details quite differently
4 weeks ago
the Todds...hahahaha
4 weeks ago
The way i recall it was, when the unholy union was celebrated by camping, puma made a separate chat to trade very questionable photos. Sprinkles was incensed and the authorities were unable to stop it.

Shortly thereafter the site mysteriously crashed. It was down until it was noticed by the authorities.

See, i didn't have to look that shit up, what with actually being there. But good effort.
4 weeks ago
i do remember the camping bit...

the puma stuff was unrelated though i think
4 weeks ago
Holy Hannah, i was right there. I don't have to think about it because i know.
4 weeks ago
ps - bono9 seems like a nice girl
4 weeks ago
I would sooo fuck his pussy with Barret's 6" penis
4 weeks ago
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