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Who's Line - 2 Knights

I prefer the original version of Who's Line is it Anyway? But this one still makes me laugh too ;)


by yak

submitted October 9th 2006

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i chuckled once or twice, great show
11 years ago
the origional was so much better. Faster paced as well.
11 years ago
but this still made me laugh my ass off.
11 years ago
eh, there's better moments
11 years ago
lol great idea for a show, ive seen similar things to this, but they werent as funny.
11 years ago
BWAHAHAHA, those grandmas suck at making sound effects... no offense...there are more funny segments other than this.
11 years ago
Wild N Out is not nearly as good, but will do.
11 years ago
Love this show....my stomach hurts now
11 years ago
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