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Military Base Ambush

British soldiers and camera crew come under fire just after landing at Afghan base.


by fuz

submitted October 9th 2006

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you know that reporter got paid BIG bucks!!!
12 years ago
Vietnamastian....all over again.

Dont believe that???? Go watch the two major documentaries about the Vietnam war...Vietnam a television History and Vietnam the 10,000 day war.

12 years ago
Nope, I dont believe that. And half the country doesn't buy it anymore either. We have woken up to your "vietnamastian" tactics. You and your ilk with their cut and run attitude are trying to do it all over again with Iraq. "Vietnamastian???" You fucking pussy.

12 years ago
Okay K-Billy, leaving all comparisons aside, how exactly do you suggest a country that is already spread too thin to maintain security in Afghanistan and Iraq will now do so knowing that they will very likely also have to commit troops to a major UN security council action in N.Korea? Spin it for me baby, you know how I like it...
12 years ago
Notice how K-Billy even uses the right-wing talking point "cut and run"? He's the typical moron who thinks he leans to the right because he repeats what Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly tell him. But if you ask him(in real life) about how a pure free market would boost the economy or why capitalism prevailed over socialism he'd give you a blank stare.

It's the same with moronic hippies and liberals who wave their anti-war/anti-gun flags yet when you actually talk to them their only reasons are "War is bad man... peace and love for everyone!".

Do our country a favor America... read some non-fiction/non-opinion books.
12 years ago
So, how many NWO soldiers were killed so I know for when I do my little cookiedance on G W bush's shallow grave
12 years ago
A basic maneuver to counter an ambush is to charge the attacker with everything you have with maximum firepower to disrupt their will to fight. If you get pinned down, you are dead meat.
12 years ago

What the FUCK are you talking about Half you goddamn Nimrod!... You bush supporters are at BEST 35% of the Country....

Rapture enabling, Dominionist, Fascist, Scared, Backwash...35%...Same numbers that Elected another historically evil leader...

We were lied into this WAR pure and Simple..Dont believe that? You are too fucking stupid to be voting then!!!

We are now in a Guerilla war on TWO fronts...Dont believe that? You are too fucking stupid to even have any say on where we should be sending our men and woman!!!!

I can go on and on and on and on and on ..with fact after fact after fact...All you have is Talking points...And all of them have been destroyed.
12 years ago
There's no point in explaining to idiots whats going on when its so in their face's and obvious and they still cant see it.

If you want to talk about what certain voters are like ........ Most Bush voters are Christian fundamentalists who believe in the second coming of Christ and still believe Saddam was involved in 9/11..... Plus a whole lot more of crap i couldnt be bothard bringing up.

The reason this stuff bothars me (and im not American) is because what happens in the US and what the US does affects the world in every way be it economically, socially and the rest.
12 years ago

The Family Guy clip just reminded me about something else the fucked up Christian fundamentalists Bush voters are trying to do, or are doing im not sure. Banning Darwins theory of evolution being taught in schools with Addam and Eve crap in its place.

12 years ago
Chill out.... We've had less than 5000 soldiers killed. Drop in the bucket.
12 years ago
No, they have not been destroyed Savage, just twisted and ignored. But that's typical for both sides of the argument. But that's not what I am talking about. You see savage. You cant win against me because I know I stand for the survival of this country. You have never shown any inkling of a care for the struggle we are in with terror, and mad regimes. Where do you stand? All I see is a fucking pussy who just cuts up the president and seems to care more about an enemy that wants to blow us up instead of our own American people.

You are right about one thing though savage. We are fighting a war on two fronts. One with the terrorists, and the other here in the US with people like you. People who would just love to see the US fail in everything and anything. Put in our place. Thank god though you cant do any real shit. Well, I guess that's not true. I mean, you have no problem demoralizing our troops. You have no problem spreading dissent and corruption in a time of war.

Oh, and you just keep on thinking that polls are the god ends truth to everything. LOL! Yeah, you and Kerry keep on thinking that they actually mean shit. LOL! No really. They are sooo accurate it's insane! No bias in any polls what so ever....

And the "we were lied into this war pure and simple" line is getting really old. WOW! We were lied to? Seems to me everyone in the beginning were all unified in their knowledge and actions leading up to this war. Up until politicizing and stabbing in the back came the norm.

And the Talking points? "Cut and run?" I'm sorry. I keep forgetting that really pisses off liberals because it's so true! They just cant stand to hear it. So sorry EmperOrgasm. You must be new, so I am not going to waste any more time on you.

@ coupland...the premise of your question is interesting. You are assuming we are going to commit troops. I think our primary objective would be to cripple their nuke making capabilities first.
12 years ago
Funny how you attack others for using "talking points"...

<<Vietnamastian....all over again.>>

Iraq=Vietnam=Afghanistan talking point....check...

<<...Same numbers that Elected another historically evil leader...>>

Bush=Hitler talking point.... check...

<<We were lied into this WAR pure and Simple>>

Bush lied talking point.... check

<<I can go on and on and on and on and on>>

... please dont bother. I can read them myself at DU.

Your assignment before re-posting is to look up the word "hypocrisy" and use it in a sentence.
12 years ago
^ dude you actually make sense. i think you might be on the wrong website. acurate statements conserning the truth dont seem to be favorde here.
just an obsvervation
12 years ago
Truly a fight for survival? Perhaps but I don't think it was the right way to go about it since about 2002 when the US was fixated like a child on Iraq for what was proven later to be either a huge mistake or simply a pretext.

Just as September 11 was a call to some people to become yet more active against terrorism, it's not inconceivable that the war in Iraq could be manipulated be some as a clarion call against the US and other countries? I think Iraq made any sort of fight for survival more difficult seeing as muslim extremists have their "September 11" for recruitment, a wonderful new training ground called Iraq and potentially a wider pool of ready recruits from a wider range of countries which makes the process of tracking terrorist operations yet more difficult.

Attacking NK does not look like an option considering the sort of shit NK can do at least in the beginning. The most that would probably come out of the Security Council would be sanctions. Whilst the symbolism was indeed there, the urgency is perhaps not as palpable seeing as the device was reportedly so rudimentary and cumbersome, the only method of delivery possible thus far would be a shipping container, much less a bomber or cruise missile.
12 years ago
my brain really hurts, cuz i dont know who to believe... if everything is as you all say, shouldnt the world be a better place? not some shit hole that we all actually live in. i will say this for my sake. I DONT FUCKING CARE!!! its a war, people are gonna die. if you dont like whats going on, leave... please. no really please fucking leave, i am so sick of tree hugging bleeding hearts that dont like the only means of lessening the over populated world. and i say tree hugging bleeding hearts because if you werent, you would have joined the army/marines. they are the ones dieing, not you. how many of them do you see protesting? i havent seen any, i'm sure there are some that do because they didnt realize for some strange reason that they would really have to use those crazy contraptions that go bang bang. i dont know why, but that is just a rant for some other time. oh, i am sure they dont want to die either, but they still do their job because they are loyal enough to the US to keep doing it. i dont like bush, i think he sucks, but the demicrats arent any better. so all of you who think you actually know something, go fuck yourself, no one else truely cares...
12 years ago
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!" All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?" All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
12 years ago

Still no response from savage? Wow, i guess he really was wishing it was the Vietnam era so that he could say all the terrible things he wanted to about America with no threat of a rebuttal.

I guess he really is a pussy then.

12 years ago
K-Billy, I may be wrong - however I think an 'Owned' is rather like a 'nick-name'.

If you have to declare it yourself, it does not count.
12 years ago
my friend lost 2 uncles in afgan during the russian/afgani war.
those monkeys are even worse than the iraqis.
12 years ago
Ok, my bad MBI. PWNED!
12 years ago
k-billy im sure your eyes glased over as you were spouting all the patriotism shit, "FREEDOM IS AWESOME" your not free and right wing governments like it that way :) so shut the fuck up and join the army and die because your not much use on here. theres a point why arent you in the army k-billy? did you loose all your balls when signing up for a gun and a point in the direction of a hail of gunfire?

im not a pussy as soon as the muslim states go on the offensive im volunteering as my grandparents did, but so long as we're the attackers im sitting put, and i dont class a few warped indeviduals blowing up shit as a decloration of war
12 years ago
LOL^^^ This is great! What jiminy? You have so many contradictions in what you just said I almost shit my pants I laughed so hard!

So you say, "im not a pussy" as reffering to you. But then say that I (me) should "shut the fuck up and join the army and die" but then (you) are "im not a pussy as soon as the muslim states go on the offensive im volunteering as my grandparents did" but yet you say (you)... "im sitting put." And still you are "Not a pussy" HUH????

So, basically you are a pussy "reactionary" huh? How is that working out for ya? Don't have to decide until it's the end of all ends. Until nukes go off and destroy half this country eh? That's when you will fight? Wow. Seems like you are the one that has no balls. And when has spouting "patriotism shit" been bad for America? Unless you really don't give a shit about it in the first place? Seems weird jiminy that you would be offended if i spouted "patriotism shit."

What do you want me to say? "GO TERROR!!???" Go Osama! Go socialism! Go communism? Would that better suit your needs? LOL. Fag.

Ok. sure. whatever. And it's Glassed over. Not "glased over." Or you probably meant "glazed over?" I am not sure because it's pretty obvious that you are 12 and are a retard. So how about this. Why don't you concentrate on getting through the seventh grade first, and then act like a grown up when you get to the age of lets say.... 18?

12 years ago
lol the reason why im not patriotic is because im not American, and when my grandparents went to war because it was on their door step putting them and their families in real danger, not some leader a thousand miles away who stopped trading oil, i was saying your a pussy because you said "i stand for the survival of this country" and i was commenting on the fact that your not in the army so how can you stand for the survival of it. one: how is your mouth going to stop Muslims blowing you up. two: how are the terrorist attacks directly linked with Iraq, yes saddam may have supplied them but no more than your government did, did you know that it was actually the american government who helped set up these terrorist groups and oops they turned on you how about that. so terrorism is irrelevant in my opinion to the reason for going to war so there is no threat to your country coming directly from Iraq at least no more than any other that supports terrorism and there are alot out there.

i was only covering my tracks when i talked about my opinions on the right time to enlist, because i do think your a pussy who wont fight for what he believes in, you do believe in the war dont you? your talking about yeah go for war but not fight yourself let others run off and get killed

and how is being reactionary make me a pussy? i only said i will fight when i feel it is justified as opposed to you who i bet would just sit on his arse, it also seems you couldn’t find anything to insult me with so you tried to make something up, yay for you, i am 18 and i apologise if the S key is quite close to the Z key ill try and improve my typing for our next encounter you petty fuck
12 years ago
I know this is not in the "stream" anymore of being on the page. But i will respond.

You see. Your tactics of "my not being an officer or being in the army," so my opinion on the matter of anything war related at all... Is retarded. So. apparently, if i have anything to say about war, i need to be in the army to do so. WHAT? I need to be a "fighter" to do so? HUH? If I am not in the army, then what I have to say about war or the way it's fought is nil and void? Dude. YOU really have some growning up to do.

Basically, you cant win an argument that way. Thats like me saying: Have you ever been in the boy scouts? No? Then you cant comment on anything American. Because you have not joined this particular organization. What bullshit. And you know it. Fag.

And we are paying the price for setting up those regimes. Carter amongst all of our presidents is the most to blame for that. The thing is. When we (THE USA) tries to correct those mistakes of the past. everyone democrat has a fit and loves to play the blame game on bush (because this is when all those stupid policies have come to a head.) But Bush, has actually done something about it. So he is the main target. Your pithy stupid logic means nothing compared to what is going on in the real world.

So, with that logic, what are we supposed to do? HUH? Just let them continue to rampage and destroy? Really dude. YOU ARE A REACTIONARY. Grow up and think for this country.

Oh wait. You already said you weren't from here. So never mind. I guess you honestly dont really have anything worth anything to say.
12 years ago
"lol" i admit you have the right for a social commentary on the army but i was just getting pissed off at the fact that you were saying "i stand for this and I stand for that" when you don’t really stand for shit. you keep getting terrorism confused with war, and i think terrorism has little to do with the war in iraq, because 911 etc was committed by groups not regimes, if we are not being attacked then we are the aggressors, and iraq didn’t destroy fuck all, yeah they did commit genocide a long time ago but in Africa there are people committing genocide right now so why not attack them?

im sorry but your petty freedoms are not under threat so there is nothing to be pro-active about, if anything your countries pro-activeness will be your downfall because of your countries hate of the Muslim world, going after the terrorist groups is one thing and you were doing so well at that, but open war is another.

also my opinion is relevant because Great Britain (my country) keeps getting dragged along in your countries petty war mongering for the sake of diplomacy, and im still convinced the only reason why we went to war was due to the fact you need a leash on your foreign policy, friends close, enemies closer

i have to cut this short because im going out, most likely to be continued....
12 years ago
and nowadays people complain about "paragraphs" when you write more then 2 sentences,,,
3 years ago
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