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Bonne nuit, homme drôle

Jizz St. John


by ClaudeBallz

submitted August 22nd 2017

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* possum rewatches Texas Across The River *
3 months ago
Joey Bishop and Dean Martin were good in that one.
3 months ago
* Mako watches Cracking Up. *
3 months ago
i first saw it as a kid, and i thought - "wow what a stupid western..."

then i saw it, really stoned, as a teenager and thought - "man, these washed-up dumbfucks and their in-jokes"

now i just like it
3 months ago
For the lads!!!!!!!!
3 months ago
is this supposed to be a tribute to the comedy leg end
3 months ago
Your face is a leg end.....
3 months ago
3 months ago
you know what, cat..you're a funny mofo. This why Bono "can't stand ya".

3 months ago
it's the other way around.

Claude "can't stand me" because I did the funniest thing ever and got him demodded back when Mucho had potential.
3 months ago
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