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Who's a Sick Boy?

You are!


by ClaudeBallz

submitted August 21st 2017

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blue swede ftw!

ps - no balloons or puppies were harmed in the making(?) of this video, i dont think

as of now
11 months ago
Fuck, I gagged watching this. That's when I had to stop watching.
11 months ago
I could almost smell it.
11 months ago
0:27 lol, and 2:30.
I absolutely hate this song. But seems muchoworthy.
11 months ago
+1 Team Puke
11 months ago
zucko punky is best punky 8)
11 months ago
* Barret misses punkybot *
11 months ago
zucko punky is best punky

11 months ago
eat a tiny jap dick in hell, Sprinkles
11 months ago
that black lab puked up that corn-cob, then he tried to eat it again. BAAAD DOGGIE!!!
11 months ago
That sent me over the edge to retchville
11 months ago
lol@that Bono vote!!!


11 months ago
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