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Swan attacks bride

She's pretty hot. Nice one swan.


by McWoozy

submitted October 8th 2006

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OMGZORZ AN ANIMAL ATTACKING!?!/11!/111!1shiftpluswone31. I was 5 years old and I learned that lesson.
12 years ago
^ Where do these retards come from? ^
12 years ago
Brad WTF?
12 years ago
^^Lmfao ooo shit johnnycho is back in action!!!
12 years ago
johnnycho is just straight up amazing, we need some Steve Irwin commentary on johnny's actions as a retard.

G'day folks, t'day we 'ave a look at Johnny tryin' to refer to South Park to try and conjure up an insult, Crikey!
12 years ago
And after Steve is done with the commentary, jab him with a string ray.
12 years ago
WTF @ Johnny
12 years ago
12 years ago
since no one is talking about the vid i'll go ahead and be the first to say,

id hit the bride... and probably the swan too... might as well fuck the guy that tried to kick it as well
12 years ago
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