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Kid climbs on top of a closet to scare his sister

If I was the father of this boy I would definatly laugh my ass off, take some pictures, and then eventually help him down ^^


by Spntneous

submitted October 7th 2006

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now thats what i call a sticky situation!
12 years ago
LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO white people gotta love em
12 years ago
closet? fridge imo
12 years ago
Surprisingly the *Dad* didn't beat his kid because he ruined all the good food.

12 years ago
why'd he help him down so soon??
12 years ago
why do you have to love white people, cause they have closets, both parents, and a non-stolen video camera?
12 years ago
that was excellent!!
12 years ago
are you guys fuckin' stupid?
that's a refridgerator not a closet
notice all of that food falling out?
normally people don't store milk and shit in a closet
12 years ago
^^^LMAO, shut up yak. LOL.
12 years ago
ur on top of that aren't yuh?


I see where he gets his stupidity tho...
12 years ago
baltimore80 : I think, you made a good point... except one fact... ITS A FRIDGE DIPSHIT!
12 years ago
It was a refridgerator! oh..I see you guys got that covered...then rotflol
12 years ago

12 years ago
a refidgerator is a closet for food with a artic climate ;)
12 years ago
dipshit? lmao guess some1 is living in the 80's
12 years ago
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