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Airplane Wing Jump

For some reason watching a guy climb on a plane wing and jumping off of it, makes me uncomfortable.


by yak

submitted October 7th 2006

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wtf is ogrish??
12 years ago
^^^ its an amazing website, its great you should check it out.
12 years ago
ogrish is slightly more disturbing than you may wish to envolve yourself with. Don't eat while you visit there.
12 years ago
They actually just recently blocked that website in Korea, I guess it was done in a few other countries as well.

oh man, what if this site gets blocked as well...end of life,end of purpose.
12 years ago
The only thing that made me uncomfortable about that site was when the words Ogrish came up...

other then that that was a fuckin awesome vid...
12 years ago
Theres... something... on the wing of the plane.
12 years ago
fuck ogrish, the vids i saw there were just too much. i can stand the gore, but i just dont like seeing people die in such sad/wrong ways.
12 years ago
when i saw the letters appear i started getting the feeling that the guy was gonna jump straight into the propellor or something.
12 years ago
Why was that on ogrish?
12 years ago
Yea when I saw ogrish poped up i figured he was going right into the back tail to get decapitated
12 years ago
zxcv - Brilliant!!
12 years ago
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