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Borat Supermarket



by yak

submitted October 6th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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gullible as usual. Its beyond belief how thick you's fuckers are.

Please wake up people, before your rights are totaly gone (speling mistakes i know,Fuckoff)

Please watch this vid if your cognitif enough to realise whats going on.

12 years ago
^George Orwell 1984 put to modern day warfare, its so real its sickening.
12 years ago
Hi, my name is fuz,

I make broad condescending comments on the intrawebs and cross link to things that are probably not relevant (because I am not clicking on that).


Is it poop eating? that is so read it does sicken me. Is it about the war? Then nobody cares. We don't come to muchosucko to be enlightened, we come here to become depraved. Take that crap somewhere else.

And, if anyone sees fuz here posting this crap on other videos, report him or something. Honestly.
12 years ago
Waste of time and energy.
12 years ago
Borat = begining of 1984 like world?
12 years ago
OOHHH I get it!!! War = Cheese!!!!!

Thanks Fuz!!!!
12 years ago
good vid fuz...
12 years ago
It's genious... but at the same time boring...
12 years ago
^ Ooooh shit... :)
12 years ago
It's funny how any fuckwit can spout something from Orwell and consider himself enlightened.

Perhaps I should quote Bradbury (from poor memory admittedly) when he wrote that a book in a house is like a loaded gun. And in this case some dickhead is firing it into the air blindly.
12 years ago
how did that guy restrain from punching borat in the face? his kiss of death?
12 years ago
Whatever i was drunk and Yak said he doesnt post stuff from youtube, so not to bother sending stuff in. Plus i dont know how to capture and turn it to mpeg then post on some filehosting site then send it in. ( i never read or studied Orwell so when i saw the clip i found it intresting, Mr know-it-all dickhead who isnt even American so i dont see why your bothard)
12 years ago
Yes...a Book is like a loaded gun...

Ideas ....

12 years ago
And COTB ...Stop being a fucking douche...wtf?

If someone is in a dark room...and they stumble on even the faintest light source...Arent they more enlightened now then they were two seconds ago???...

Stop being a light snuffer...

12 years ago
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