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The Future of Male Birth


Not really sure what's going on here, some theory about how males will be able to give birth in the future through technology.


by Barret

submitted July 18th 2017

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1 year ago
i read a porno story about this sort of thing in the Penthouse Forum in 1978...

* possum shrugs *
1 year ago
they allegedly shoved a bunch of chicken and pig guts up this guys rectum, plugged him up with an inflatable rubber ball, hooked up a vacuum cleaner on his dick, and....

1 year ago
They published your letters too, huh?
1 year ago
nope, so i had to turn to writing songs
1 year ago
you never heard "I'm Too Sexy For My Prolapse"?
1 year ago
that sounds like plagiarism
1 year ago
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