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Pearson Shitter

For Cap'n Fuck and his love of airport shitters. Here's one from Pearson....

featuredmuchoers gone wild

by NixonsGhost

submitted July 13th 2017

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Fake the toilet doesn't say sorry when you flush. not in Canada
2 weeks ago
I'm just glad the video flipped to the right orientation.
2 weeks ago
I'm still ahead on shitters in airports.

I think I'm due for another. I have to go to Orlando on Tuesday.
2 weeks ago
Also, you pre-unreel the fucking toilet paper for that gag.
2 weeks ago
I dont touch anything in those bathrooms. This was how i found it.
2 weeks ago
what's up with your hand?

you make the middle finger weird. twice i've noticed.
2 weeks ago
Brain tumor..... you fuck
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
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