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Sonic The Chillihog

RIP Sonic the comic book.


by Barret

submitted June 27th 2017

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I love pornhub
8 months ago
AnimalMother here. Why can't I sub or comment anymore with my original account? When I comment it just vanishes without being shown and when I want to sub it goes to /api/submit and sometimes says "Please select a category."
8 months ago
Am I banned? How can I tell?
8 months ago
it doesnt make sense that you'd be banned

no one who can ban people gives a fuck anymore

been logging into others accounts or what ?
8 months ago
It most likely didn't verify its email.
Fucking noob.
8 months ago
Muchoaids, too.
8 months ago
mucho does have lots of aids tbh

heres a fun bug

take your userpage link, and add anything to the end

for example


and look where it redirects you
8 months ago
Yeah, that is sure a bug and not deliberate. ...
8 months ago
recover password
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