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Gator Bite

Just ouch. He's lucky the 'gator let go and slipped back into the water.


by makodragon

submitted June 27th 2017

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1 year ago
Darwin is you getting AIDS and hopefully not reproducing.
1 year ago
makodragon made that joke already
1 year ago
I'm not joking.
1 year ago
you've directly acknowledged one of my replies twice in the last two weeks

you are losing your edge
1 year ago
you are at a crossroads Magawd

you need to veer hard left, and go back to one-word comments about my AIDS that you never check on again

or you need to veer hard right, and treat me like i'm just another normal mucho faggot - like fries or... fries.
1 year ago
but i have said too much

you can do whatever you want since you gave me this rad avatar
1 year ago
do i want to see a pair of awesome rocking tits?

no thanks, i have a cool avatar i'm good
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
Thought this was a repost, but was just another 2 of these subs, subbed by you, every 3 months.
Something suspicious is going on here.
1 year ago
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