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The Witches Promise

"Ian Anderson, the Monty Python of progressive rock"

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by possum

submitted June 25th 2017

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nobody ever knew if he was buying into it or just mocking it

1 month ago
my hero
1 month ago
you have low standards
1 month ago
two words:
4 weeks ago
fucking hippies
1 month ago
I can almost smell the patchouli oil from here
1 month ago
Ian Anderson isn't a hippie and hates hippies. It's why he refused to play at Woodstock.
1 month ago
What a gem.
1 month ago
wow, i thought this wouldve been DV'd into oblivion by now
1 month ago
yay thanks
1 month ago
The next feature is whopping five pointer.

If somebody theoretically had 4 accounts and one was pro, they could submit something right before the selection, upvote it 5 points and, blammo! Front Page, Baby.

But no one would do that.
1 month ago
i will repay the upvotes by refusing to spam any more JT vids, at least not tonight

...and there was much(o) rejoicing
1 month ago
Hahaha...Jethro Tull, winner of the first heavy metal grammy.

So hard, so raw.
1 month ago
your best sub.
1 month ago
* possum sez fuck you hog, butt offer still stands *
4 weeks ago
recover password
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