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Storytime with Greg Valentino

Greg Valentino recounts the tale of the lettuce ass.


by makodragon

submitted June 24th 2017

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hahaha wtf
So he went into the pool with the same shorts...
I can't blame him for what happened, except that part. Geebus.
4 weeks ago
"my kids are playing with my shit lettuce"

4 weeks ago
"Yay, seaweed! Seaweed!"
4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago
Abandon ship.
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago
nobody listensssssss

cant you get it through your thick skull??
4 weeks ago
interdragon :(
4 weeks ago
Clear vision in what you say
Is you lost yourself in the deadlock
In which you were raised
Recognition of a hand that fed
Mouths that bled, Biting back today

Clear vision of a boast and brag
Cuts me off and leaves me dead on the way
Keeping busy by causing skies to dark with flies
But think of all that you praised
Give it right back and get back to your promises
Give it right back and get back to your promises
Or damn us all to hell
Crush us all
Still lost in the brag

This season you'll raise your gun and knock out one
Frame the head at your place
Sick sleazy and weighs a ton, now you're undone
Stuck up to your waste
Look over the hills you dwell
You look like hell in the window holding you face
Cars engine is cold and sad
You're driving bad
Talking into
4 weeks ago
Hickory Dickory Dock
Shut Up
4 weeks ago
eat a dick, you sweaty, white trash fuck.
4 weeks ago
jesus fuck punky...
4 weeks ago
would a bullet to your head even damage your brain?
4 weeks ago
lol@you believing there's a "JESUS", you pussy!!!
4 weeks ago
Faggots Everywhere.
4 weeks ago
that's what you take from this?
4 weeks ago
when you die of FAT CANCER, I'll be looking over coffin, you SLUGFUCK
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
okay that was funny.

But mostly you are fucking dumb man
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
Yes it is.
4 weeks ago
Can i rub your shoulder meat, BDog.
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
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