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Tee Time with Fatty

Golfing with your buddies is a pain in the ass.


by thatdude420

submitted June 20th 2017

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That pathetic self-upvote..... let's keep it that way
8 months ago
The only pathetic person on this site. Is you. You sissy Brit.
8 months ago
This video actually makes a change from your usually set piece of subs. You always sub videos that feature petrol station explosions , train versus humans or reposts. You're like a fucking spambot
8 months ago
You like this sub because it has some dude getting something put in his ass. I bet you already have it saved for your spank to it later videos.
8 months ago
shut the fuck up you cunty loser..your subs are beyond horseshit
8 months ago
woops..didnt mean the stfu
8 months ago
tea time with fatty is what I do with thatdude420's mum
8 months ago
2 months ago
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