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The Odds of Dying

A cartoon showing you the odds of various life threatening things happening.


by yak

submitted October 4th 2006

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this one only 1/2 loads in. looks interesting. would've like to see it all. :P
12 years ago
That was pretty fuckin good. But the author of this doesn't give a detailed discription of the odds. If you understand statistics at all the odds given are mearly calculation based of a small number of occuances. Like the odds of picking the right door in a game show when you have 2 choices isn't 1/2 but actually 1/3. These odds are based of every episode of a game show with 2 doors ever televised. Which is some where around 3 million. With bigger numbers the odds are more presice. To know the actuall odds of dying in a airplane crash you would have to know of every death by crash since the Wright Brothers flight. Knoledge is Power.
12 years ago
Knowledge^ sorry. LOL.
12 years ago
^ You're literally half right, all you have is the numerator. You also need a denominator to obtain actual odds based simply on the arithmetic mean, namely the number of people who have ever flown in this case.
12 years ago
Interesting presentation......food for thought.
12 years ago
WOW BRAVO thank your scientist people, odds of computer blowing up logging on to muchosucko 1.1 =]
12 years ago
odds of all you fuck sticks getting laid tonight 2:58
12 years ago
actually its 1:1, odds of a bj though are only 1:23. so thats too bad. LOL
12 years ago
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