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Train Head-on Shoulder Barge

Train unsurprisingly wins.


by makodragon

submitted June 9th 2017

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what ?
9 months ago
there's no space between a word and the following punctuation, you fucking northern monkey!
9 months ago
does that explain your title ?
9 months ago
how was I supposed to know you wanted an explanation?

Besides, it's pretty fucking self explanatory. I have a cold. I'm fucked off. Don't fuck with me monkey boy.
9 months ago
the ? usually signifies a question
9 months ago
the question being what does the title even mean
9 months ago
There is only limited space to title something. Sometimes you have to use some brainpower to elaborate on the title, shitlord.
9 months ago
Seems ironic to me that she ran up to the train with purpose knowing full well what would happen yet still needed to turn from it and cover her face.
9 months ago
seems a bit odd now that I think about it. she had actually stepped over the last rail and then went back in to the middle of the track
9 months ago
Doubted her decision for just a moment, perhaps?
8 months ago
was that sweet music playing at the station?
9 months ago
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