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Our Saviour Lord Hitler Returns

卐卐卐卐 After timetraveling to current time, Hitler returns to a different world then he is used to. Will he still be able to save us all from the jews and other impurities? I dunno...because I can't find a fucking torrent for this movie. Titled "Look Who's Back". 卐卐卐卐


by Barret

submitted June 5th 2017

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* possum cues up some Enya and cries with the Barret *
9 months ago
correction: Enigma
9 months ago
This dipshit is lucky he didn't get shot.
9 months ago
Searching the german name did lead to a torrent, Er Ist Wieder Da.
9 months ago
good boy
9 months ago
Hitler wasn't a 'lord'
9 months ago
9 months ago
We need more people like that today. I'm tired of living in a world full of pussies. I mean, we kill animals to extinction everyday but we let these human animals destroy our ways of living because we're afraid to go to the theater or a marathon race because some extremist wants to blow us up. But all you bleeding heart liberals feel that these types of people have the right to do what they want and we as a people are afraid to hurt their feelings so they just keep on doing what they want to do, and we let them because we've all became a group of pussies.
8 months ago
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