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Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit!

Probably the best premise for a super hero show EVER! One guy can summon armies of angels to fight for him, the other is a BMX allstar!


by yak

submitted October 3rd 2006

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these two guys are excellent, got their own series on BBC.. they make me laugh.
12 years ago
Me too, and I think this is my fave of their sketches so far. Haha, angels.
12 years ago
I found "Sir Digby Chicken Caesar" some laugh too.
12 years ago
What show is it? I'll have to keep an eye out in case they bring it here eventually.
12 years ago
they're called Mitchell and Webb, not sure if that's what the show's called though.
12 years ago
not quite as annoying as a whining yank however.
12 years ago
You do realise that your poorly skilled farmers (who were English at the time and not American...) were helped by the French right? Something you guys always like to ignore...

And is there any real evidence that England 'bitched' about losing? Does it say something like that in the history books?

But you know whats worse than your attempt at speaking the English language? Having Americans like you constantly bitch on about the way that ENGLISH people speak the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, just because you can't fucking understand anything. You bitches bring that up all the time.
12 years ago
JONNYCHO's just some annoying prick that people can't help hating.
he does his stupid English impression and ends up sounding like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins.
since he did that role most dumb americans think that's how the English talk, cos they're blinkered fools.
12 years ago
what an idiot you are, fuck knows why i'm arguing with you, you're probably just 16.
12 years ago
Peep Show fucking rocks...
funny as fuck...
12 years ago
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