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Black Bear Attack!

That was fucking close. That's why you keep a gun handy.


by makodragon

submitted May 30th 2017

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2 seconds into that and i was laughing like a spastic punky.
"thank you for leaving my kayak alone" In that whiny nervous voice.
*Bear approaches in a threatening manner*

1 year ago
Not quite what I was hoping for, but still hilarious.
1 year ago
These type of people need to die,
1 year ago
like for fuck sake, his name isn't bear!
1 year ago
how'd you know what his name is
1 year ago
fucking inuit niggers, cant understand a word they say.
1 year ago
Concealing yourself downwind from an approaching bear and then popping up and startling it is pretty fucking stupid.
1 year ago
Too bad it didn't decide to make an easy meal out of him.
1 year ago
Looks more like a game of tag to me.
1 year ago