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Crazy Old Bastard Walks his Dog



by makodragon

submitted May 30th 2017

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Make Mucho Pole Again
1 year ago
Only the awesomest of verbosity need apply.
1 year ago
What are you idiots going to do if i get a computer and submit all this shit before you?

Because, despite that funny little graphic where the 4chan dog was renamed muchosucko, this is just crap that made the front page of the internet days ago. You know the picture...the line of hot babes analingusing, with each girl a successively lamer website (some of which no longer exist).

In conclusion, go fuck yourself.
1 year ago
Also, if you feel like responding, your time might be better spent getting some new videos from efukt. Be sure to strip the credits from the video, so we can all pretend we don't know where you got it.

Kind of like that 1 guy 1 jar. Classic mucho, as in just another day on efukt.

You losers should check out their forum for the real action, except that it is invitation only.
1 year ago
crikey. Shut up. Cunt.
1 year ago
"submit all this shit before you"
Do it.
1 year ago
Wait. They would just downvote it and it would get lost, like with Whunu. Nevermind.
1 year ago
Just sub it on my Barret account and it will be fine.
1 year ago
don't be such a fuckign cocksniffer barret
1 year ago
1 year ago
jrob going hard.
1 year ago
recover password
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