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Pwned life

For anyone who has ever played a FPS online, this is for you. I want my god damn happy meal.


by Lazerhead

submitted October 3rd 2006

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not bad
12 years ago
12 years ago
you disgust me
12 years ago
According to that profile RyogaVee, you're pretty much useless.
12 years ago
Quality Assurance is the highlight of your CV? That's like testing to make sure the disc wasn't supposed to be taken internally.

I have to admit it was quite good for video game movie.
12 years ago
wow, he took down his bio. LOL! I guess y'all really got to him or something.
12 years ago
what a load of crap. and i love FPS.
12 years ago
My balls smell like clam chowda motha fucka bitchas.
12 years ago
fuckin nerds.
everyone around you thinks you're pathetic losers, you just don't realize it cause you never actually communicate with the outside world.
Wow, this is how you spent your time? Congrats loser
12 years ago
I guess you can take this video, and all the other usless videos posted, that are not worth watching, and throw them into a fat womans gaping asshole, you douches.
12 years ago
"Well that looks easy."
"Chocolate pudding!"
12 years ago
the assault and the medics were the funniest...touche!
12 years ago
ni so
11 years ago
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