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Baseball Manager Blows Up

Minor Leauge Manager Joe Mikulik goes nuts over a bad call. Listen to the "Who's on First" skit playing over the speakers at the beginning.


by SweatyPete

submitted October 2nd 2006

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Very Billy Martin-esque! Nice to see a manager with spirit...even though he made a complete jackass of himself.
12 years ago
Uh, yeah. I don't think Who's on First was "playing over the speakers" at the beginning. Not unless they were also playing "A Few Good Men" at the same time. It's called an overdub. :rolleyes:
12 years ago
lol @ the baby sounds and 'hit the road jack' !
12 years ago
my new found hero, 'high comedy'
12 years ago
baseball is just a gay bastardisation of rounders.
12 years ago
I liked the guy, he was pissed and he acted so. My favorite part was when he was throwing bats onto the field and the batboy was going to run out and get them, but thought better of it.
12 years ago
yeah! louisville bats! they're my local team's minor leaguers
12 years ago
that ref was calm as shit about that dude being up in his face... i think he went a little to far and i hope he got fired
12 years ago
JONNYCHINK, i've been using a louisvill bat since i was in peewee baseball you fuckign scrub.
12 years ago
At first I was wondering why he wasn't escorted out of there by security as soon as he started to make a scene, but then I realized that baseball sucks and the team probably needs all the good publicity they can get.
12 years ago
Repost of a repost of a repost of a repost. Eat my fuck.
12 years ago
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