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Vicious seal

Attempting to make a toddler cry


by Jones

submitted May 22nd 2017

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5 months ago
*sea lion.
5 months ago
seal ion*
5 months ago
5 months ago
too bad she was wearing underwear lol i would love to have seen her pussy lol
5 months ago
i think the lol undermines the horror of what you just said
5 months ago
Rking just said what the rest of were only thinking
5 months ago
im literally, and i stress, literally

LITERALLY a one-nutted homo who LITERALLY has AIDS

and i am put off by the degeneracy here
5 months ago
Well anyway rking has moved on so we can forget this happened
5 months ago
Also I think I prefer the old bono
5 months ago
i can ask him if he wants to come back
5 months ago
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