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Stop Resisting! Please Comply!

High school students agreed to get pepper sprayed.


by thatdude420

submitted May 16th 2017

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Some people are dumb enough to try anything once. Pepper spray can cause permanent eye damage btw.
1 year ago
So does looking at the sun. Who gives a fuck
1 year ago
bunch of slack jawed faggots..i spray that shit on my tostadas
1 year ago
You're tough though.... not everyone carries around 600mcm extention chords just cause....
1 year ago
1 year ago
The salt pellets the rail police shot back in the day were worse.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Getting "Dial Soap"(the gold bar)in your eyes is the equivalent to this.
1 year ago
You found that out the hard way in jail, didn't you?
1 year ago
1 year ago
"Faggot" "Texas" "Homelessness".
1 year ago
You fucks love blackboy cocks. I use Lever2000 now. The late 90s was the last time i used that blinding other stuff.
I was taking a normal shower and got it in my eyes and screamed really loud. My girlfreind was like, "what the fuck is wrong"..i said.."oooh..nothin' honey..i just went blind..that's all".
1 year ago
Punky lovingly licked and tickled Jim's peeny, and, because he was so smart (being in Mensa), he bred the words together in his head, like a dog breeder at a puppy mill.

Slicked, he thought, I'm slicking my captain's peeny.

No matter how awesome his verbosity, the situation was clear: there were now two throbbing members aching for release. Each of Punky's hands held a bar of peeny scented dial soap (travel sized). With the quickness of Squidley to repost, he head butted the Johnson between his lover's legs. Hard. So hard. Just the way Punky liked it.

"Wow, Derwood. That's the stuff. The good stuff. The stuff that costs extra. The stuff that makes me forget my wife."

Punky was pleased by this assessment, despite the butchering of his slave name. He felt his horny levels at over 9000 and his weenus was leaking a slime as he anticipated participation.

"Jim, me need the sex inside my man hole now, please, sir." Gosh, Punky mused, if only there were a sexier way to ask to do the sex.

Jim was ready with his reply. He pulled his peeny from Punky's kung fu grip and entered his anus with a thundering orgasm. Punky would now be HIV positive, but that would be worried about on the morrow, provided he survived this night of passion.

"First rate fucking, Darwin," Jim guffawed. "I know I could collapse in a stupor now, but I shall continue pleasuring you, my limp peeny notwithstanding."

"What's your plan, my man?"

"Lie back and enjoy, big boy."

Punky complied, arching his back to display his 9er(measured in mm), ready to be serviced, like a steer in a slaughter house. Jim squatted and Punky felt that familiar warmness he so loved on his chest. The heat and stench were more intoxicating than meth. Jim was crouched and crapping all over Punky's scrawny, bulimic body.

"Jimmy, so stinky."

"That's the smell of love, baby. Breathe it in deep."

"I...I can't see anything."

"That's because you're blind now, Davin"
1 year ago
Wtf. I'm not reading all of that.
1 year ago
I can't believe I did.
1 year ago
lol@one of their friends walkin' up with tears of laughter IN HER EYES.
1 year ago
That was fun... let's do it again.
1 year ago
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