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where Corn Flakes come from

"Dr. Kellogg introduced Kellogg Corn Flakes in hopes that it would reduce masturbation."


by possum

submitted May 14th 2017

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works for me
1 year ago
yup sorry
1 year ago
But that one doesn't work and this one does. I don't know what to do.
1 year ago
vote goat!
1 year ago
* possum out... *

all apologies to recent commenters, nothing personpossumable - its just time to crawl into my funfun zone
1 year ago
Lol @ the lemon zester.
1 year ago
and high rolly
1 year ago
If only.
1 year ago
Theres a devise you can buy that would remove all of that crap but the problem would be the skin under all of that is raw and bleeding.
1 year ago
Use your teeth
1 year ago
verb: devise; 3rd person present: devises; past tense: devised; past participle: devised; gerund or present participle: devising

plan or invent (a complex procedure, system, or mechanism) by careful thought.
"a training program should be devised"
synonyms: conceive, think up, dream up, work out, formulate, concoct.
1 year ago
God bless these stupid people who let their conditions get so bad they make for entertaining videos
1 year ago
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