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How to Disappear

How to vanish from chasing coppers.


by makodragon

submitted May 14th 2017

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The other day i saw a bunch of dead bees in my shower.
I sat down to take a poop, as i was shitting, some of them started to buzz and flop around, awakened by my odor no doubt.
"Zombie bees?" i thought to myself.
I flushed them down the drain, a few minutes later i went back to the bathroom, 2 more dead bees, where the fuck did they come from?
The day after i went into the bathroom, and the floor was full of long thin black fly wings, dozens of them.
No dead flies, only wings.
i think my bathroom is haunted by a ghost cat, that also happens to be a sadist.
1 year ago
Or a entomologist
1 year ago
Every day there's a new kind of bug that wants to eat me, go into my ear, fly into my drink/food, die in my bathroom. Fascinating. But its starting to get annoying, starting to look like a giant flesh wound.
1 year ago
Now there's a creepy dripping sound coming from the other side of the bed, I'm scared :(
1 year ago
1 year ago
Thats probably just Jeffrey taking a pee
1 year ago
The sub that inspired me to go.
1 year ago
Gotta love those monsoon months.
1 year ago
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