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Turtle Pimp

Few people know this, but there are actually Pimp Turtles. Here is one with his ho.


by IGoPPStandingUp

submitted October 1st 2006

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that's not a turtle, it's a tortoise. Funny though.
12 years ago
It's actually ET with his shell on.
12 years ago
I guess I would make the same noise if I lived 150 years and had arms too short to.. ahem... pleasure myself.
12 years ago
That was pretty hot
12 years ago
stop stealing ebaums material...
12 years ago
stop fucking yourself u asshole, its funny, and if u like ebaums then go THERE NOT HERE dumbass...
12 years ago
Bitch better have my mother fucking money!!!
12 years ago
This vid doesn't have "ebaumsworld.com" at the bottom right corner, so this material wasn't "stolen" from ebaums, 87'Hetfield.
12 years ago
87'hetfield actually since ebaum steals 100% of his material, it wouldn't really be considered stolen from him per-say.... besides i stole it from youtube ;/
i can't remember if it was linked to ebaums or not.. we had 2 submissions at around the same time.. one was from ebaums one was from youtube... regardless noone cares.
12 years ago
thats the same noise jonnychos mom makes
12 years ago
That's the dumbest thing a pimp can do...get with one of his ho's
12 years ago
"Does Mr.Tortise have to slap a bitch...?"
12 years ago
whos this YAK guy, u cant just jump on the site and act all high and mighty!!....

just kidding sir, keep up the good work :P
12 years ago
Thats what she gets for not putting out
12 years ago
gayass bitch diserved to get hit, but that last part where hes sorta "huh"ing, its kinda hot and funny lmao
12 years ago
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