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Dude gets his lip bit off

well when u kiss sharks thats what happens


by Stephen

submitted October 1st 2006

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retard, seriously... kissing sharks????
12 years ago
"Hey Mr. _____, we want to do a piece on how incredibly stupid you are. Would you like to be put on national tv so the whole world can have a laugh at your expence?"

Why do they always sa yes?
12 years ago
Sharks have fantastically tight pussies.
12 years ago
he still didn't learn his lesson!!
"don't kiss a nurse shark while it's upside down" - NO NO NO, don't kiss it at all you freak.
12 years ago
"be very quiet mate, im going to attempt to place me balls on the sharks eyeball. crikey that walm. shes a beauty."
12 years ago
Let him kiss the shark. Some people were meant to lose their lips.
12 years ago
what, no tongue? cheap
12 years ago
hopfully his next hang-up is he decides he REALLY enjoys hammer head.
12 years ago
ouch, i felt your pain from that joke.
12 years ago
He deserves worst.
12 years ago
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