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Graduation anecdote

This guys a putz, but his motto is pretty funny.


by johnny-ringo

submitted September 30th 2006

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which language was that?
11 years ago
<font color=red> when the river turns red, i go swimming.
11 years ago
thank you for wasting my time you dick shit
11 years ago
<font color= stop being an idiot>
11 years ago
couldn't even get to the anecdote that was so boring...
11 years ago
that motto sucks, why wait for the river to run red? I say two in the pink, dick in the stink.
11 years ago
11 years ago
"When the river runs red, take the dirt road instead"-When a girl is on her period, put in her ass you fucking second grade retards.
11 years ago
thats a great graduation prank - make the MC read your motto, when you KNOW she doesnt know WTF it means!! HAHAHA!
11 years ago
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