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Yet Another Parking lot fight

Knocked the fuck out w/a body slam


by johnny-ringo

submitted September 30th 2006

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wow that was a affective some what of a body slam for real
12 years ago
12 years ago
Nice one, faggots. Jump in only after your buddy gets his arse handed to him.
12 years ago
Dude's lucky there were no metal chairs laying around, this guy knew his wrestling moves.
12 years ago
it was the knee/thigh in the back of his head that knocked him out.
CapnJohn, when should they have stepped in, mid-fight?? i don't understand what you're trying to say.
12 years ago
yah i agree with red. capn ur a fucking retard.
12 years ago
yea, the guy was knocked out, of course they had to jump in and stop it from going on.
12 years ago
I loved how the guy dragged his opponent's body AWAY from his friends, like "MY KILL MY KILL!" But those faggots would've gotten a mouthful of fist if they tried to stop me, it's between two men, so let it be.
12 years ago
It looked like one of those organized fight. As soon as he was down, everyone jumped in to stop. Nice move though...wish I could that...but I'd just be on the recieving end of one. :(
12 years ago
of course they stopped it at the end, he was knocked out. This is how these things work...
12 years ago
PWNED..first time ever seeing that kinda knock out .
12 years ago
Do you think they would have stopped their buddy from kicking the other guy when he was down? Hell no! The plan was for their buddy to kick some arse and they were more than willing to let that happen, but that's not the way it went down. They were all talking smack before and during the fight "I know man. He's so ugly." but they never stepped in until it was obvious their buddy wasn't going to come out on top.<br>
Some people take fighting seriously. Everyone else has no business fighting.
12 years ago
ermm, i still dunno what you're trying to say.
the guy was out like a light so they stepped in, and rightly so.
anything other than this is pure speculation.

12 years ago
A body slam is not a finishing move; it's a take down move. You shouldn't seriously expect to finish off your opponent with a body slam, and the victor of this fight appears to be taking things very seriously. He's removed his shirt so his opponent cannot pull it up over his head and blind him or trap his arms. That's a very serious pre-fight move. Check out the video of Mike Vallely's fight against three guys. Whether or not the three guys were serious about fighting Milke, he was very serious about fighting them, and he removed his shirt pre-fight just like our guy.<br>

So our guy body slams his opponent but he doesn't realize the fight is already over. To the people watching the fight, including us at home, it appears obvious the fight is over, especially with the slow mo and the pained grunt as the loser gets the wind knocked out of him, but our guy doesn't know this yet. He's full of adrenaline and now that he's taken down his opponent he throws a few punches to the head to finish him off. This is not a schoolground fight between buddies. This is a serious fight and that's exactly what everyone should do in that same situation. When you knock a guy down you don't let him get back up, you finish him off. I don't mean kill him, you just make sure the fight is over, and that's what it appears this guy is doing until his opponent's buddies step in.<br>

Red, you're exactly right though, anything we say about this clip is pure speculation.<br>
12 years ago
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