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Woman owned by shotgun recoil.

Bless her tiny little white cotton socks.


by McWoozy

submitted September 29th 2006

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lol... pretty funny
12 years ago
Look how she's fucking standing, of course she fell over.
12 years ago
heh, same thing happened to my mum. luckily only one barrel was loaded or she would have taken someone's head off.
12 years ago
FAKE as hell. I thought damn it caught here square on the chin and knocked her out. But thats as fake as they come. the way she fell back and the way her legs shot into the air. FAKE
12 years ago
yeah fake.. that chick is a realdoll dressed up.. FAKE
12 years ago
Hell yea fake! Paint ball shotguns dont have that much kick-back....So im saying FAKE on this one!
12 years ago
she looks more like a 13 year old than a grown woman
12 years ago
Stephen, you've just joined the ranks of pricks that shout FAKE!! all the time, enjoy!
12 years ago
I thinks Stephens claim that this is FAKE is in itself FAKE. As one can clearly see that in fact a girl/woman gets knocked on her ass while shooting what appears to be a 12g shotgun. REAL!
12 years ago
gotta like the way she kept the gun in position even flat on her back
12 years ago
she was standing there with her legs together leaning back...this is so set up. If it wasn't planned, I doubt she would have continued to pull the trigger. She could have stopped herself at any time by just shifting her right foot back about a 18 inches.
12 years ago
hey red23 u dont know what the fuck ur talking about. This is the first time Ive said FAKE u piece of shit. Normaly I dont even bother. But this one could have went either way. I never say anything about the ones we know are no doubt fakes. So until u get ur facts straight u need to STFU. Thanks
12 years ago
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