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Anal fountain


Whatever, I'm cooking eggs. 18+


by McWoozy

submitted September 29th 2006

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WOOF... that was pretty sick
12 years ago
sick like a 400 pound bitch ridin a bed post.

okay.. so maybe not as bad... but still pretty damn sick =\
12 years ago
to all of you Japanese.... In Your Face!
12 years ago
damn japs!
12 years ago
haha, thats awesome.

This is probably Brazilian.
12 years ago
damn brasilians!!
12 years ago
wow, he dropped a pretty hefty load in her butt
12 years ago
then she shit it in another chicks mouth
12 years ago
12 years ago
lmaooo....yeah nogood-mf..I agree, they have been served.
12 years ago
thats cum you dumb ass
12 years ago
2 naked girls on the screen and all DaDark can think about was the mans load... FAG1!!!!1!!!one!!!11!!
12 years ago
12 years ago
damn you muchosucko.com... DAMN YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!
12 years ago
Girl Power!
12 years ago
2 naked girls on screen and all chodogg thought bout was my comment....i think someone likes the caramel....u know what they say, a mouth's a mouth so open wide bitch
12 years ago
where's tubgirl when you need her???

yep, it's a rip-snorting, cum-fartin' good ol' fun time!
12 years ago
No, guys... This is a very common practice, called "feltching".

Urban Dictionary says that "feltch" means:
The subservient act of orally drawing out the ejaculate of a man from another man's rectum via the anus.

12 years ago
but what is it called if she's farting it out?
12 years ago

12 years ago
ummm, that said from another man's ass...that was a chicks ass
12 years ago
if you did'nt *draw it out via the anus* you would have to draw it out via the mouth, that would take some pretty good hoover action
12 years ago
Those farts are pretty impressive
11 years ago
dinner is served, anyone want some felch, or maybe some flounder, because thats what her pussy will smell like when she wakes up with an infection. front to back always remember that LOL
11 years ago
whos lives in bakersfield ca
11 years ago
ive seen this before its called brazillan farting theres a series about it it lame but ok if you like hot chick and farts
11 years ago
There is a Website
called CumFarters
where women fart out
semen that has been
ejaculated in their
stretched rectums.
Truly delightful!
Now we have women
slurping at semen
from farting shitholes.
Yes! Lovely babes. Angelic.
10 years ago
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