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Old Man Crushed By Truck

Old man in shock with half his body crushed under a trucks tire.


by thatdude420

submitted April 23rd 2017

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So that's how Nelson Mandela died.
11 months ago
he did a half-nelson
11 months ago
How does one end up like this? Jesus h...
11 months ago
living in a stupid 3rd world country for a start
11 months ago
I swear to God, just by the title I knew the old man was Indian or Paki.
11 months ago
No you didn't bitch , stop lying fucker
11 months ago
do you know how many 'crushed by vehicle' subs thatdude420 has subbed....
fucking loads. stop being a repetitive shithead
11 months ago
its all the fucking same.... if you want to sub something new thatdude420 how about a video of YOU getting crushed.
11 months ago
11 months ago
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